Saturday, February 23, 2013

There's Gold In That There Patch: My 5.2 Checklist

Even though some of us are still trying to filter through the 5.1 patch, the new 5.2 patch is peeking over the horizon of the World....of Warcraft.  There are many new things coming and many old things going.  The one thing I personally will be focused on is of course, increasing my gold profit.  I have done my own research and with the help of fellow WOW bloggers, I have come up with my own personal checklist of what I will be looking to sell when the 5.2 patch arrives.  I wanted to share some of the items I will be focused on selling with my readers.  Please keep in mind this is my own personal list and my own opinion on what can sell on my respective realm.  I will post my profits the week after 5.2 hits. 

Transmog, Transmog, Transmog

Singing Crystal Axe
Yes.  I make most of my profits with transmog weapons.  I have some expertise with choosing the weapons that are attractive to most buyers in my realm.  Based on my own previous sales and the fact that the new patch will bring changes to how most weapons can be transmogged, here are a few of the transmog weapons I will be selling:

Blade of Wizardry - this sweet looking 1-handed sword will see an increase in its price

Singing Crystal Axe - 2-handed axe that will have everyone singing for it.

The Ancient Scepter of Sue-Min - Very nice 1-handed mace that could also be eye candy for some.

Joonho's Mercy - 1-handed sword which makes some want to "Kill Bill"

Engineering Profits

Even though I do not know very many players personally who have an Engineer profession on one of their alts, I do.  I was glad to see some new items coming with the 5.2. 

The Sky Claw mount - A new multi-seater mount that will be the talk of the town :)

Pierre - This new battle pet can be used to cook your food.  Let's see if he can "smoke" his competition on the pet battlegrounds.

Advanced Refrigeration Unit - A new 32 slot cooking bag to hold your food goodies in.

Life and Death

Two mats that I have been stockpiling are: Living Steel and Ghost Iron ore
The only reason I have for this personally is the fact that I will be needing some of the mats for my Engineering mount.  The other reason is I have heard the price on these mats could increase in the new patch.  Either way, I can't lose.  I have an Alchemist who is making the Living Steel for me and I have been planting my Snakeroot seeds as well as farming for the Ghost Iron ore.

Even though 5.2 patch is not here, I am prepared to maximize my gold profit on my realm.  I would like to see what you are all doing to prepare for the 5.2 patch.  Please leave comments. :)